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Dear Friends of the Good Old Days,

Chores were a normal part of my childhood and were likely an expectation for you in your Good Old Days too. My parents didnít think twice about assigning jobs to each of their five kids to keep our household running smoothly and our property looking presentable. There were no questions asked.

Most of the time.

When I was in middle school, one of my least favorite chores was dusting. But I (begrudgingly) did it every Saturday morning, along with a long list of other jobs.

Once, I complained to my mom that I felt I was expected to do "way more" chores around the house than I was certain my friend Rita had to do. My mom raised an eyebrow at that statement, but she said nothing.

The next weekend, I was invited to stay at Ritaís farm, where they raised beans, corn, wheat Ö and turkeys. Every couple of hours throughout the day, we donned heavy overalls, grabbed wire baskets and hopped into a truck to be transported to one turkey coop or another to gather eggs from the feisty fowl. When we returned with our baskets full, we took scouring pads to the eggs and then crated them in the cooler. It didnít matter that I was a "guest"; they needed all hands on deck with this operation.

After two days of this routine, I was more than ready to return to my house in town and pick up a lightweight dust rag with no further complaint.

In this issue of Good Old Days, we take note of those lessons on pitching in, minding our manners and taking responsibility that were handed down from our parents and grandparents. And we celebrate the momentous occasions when a new refrigerator or stove was wheeled into our homes. What a big deal that was back then! We round out the issue with stories of funny first adventures that we can all relate to. I know youíll enjoy our selection of storiesóand Iím sure it wonít be a chore to read them!

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Mary Beth Weisenburger, Editor

Mary Beth Weisenburger has been with Annie's since April 2011. She has 25 years of experience in the marketing, advertising and publishing fields. In addition to her job as editor of Good Old Days, she has been writing a family humor column for over a decade. She and her husband, two college-age kids, two dogs and various other critters live on five acres in the country, where she enjoys reading on the back porch, refinishing furniture, feeding the birds and digging in the dirt of her perennial gardens.